Welcome to TechnoVanti Linux Development Server

Hi! We're glad to welcome you onboard. This is our test environment, built for developers on a rock-hard Linux Server, to be powered by the open-source community. This is the place where it all starts, our test-bench!!


Remote Management

With SSH v2.0, you are guaranteed high speeds and reliability while you develop amazing things out there!


Work on platform-independent projects to create things for your devices. Download them on your device through RSYNC, SCP, SFTP or anything you're comfortable with. Our server supports them all!!


Share your projects with your teammates, colleagues or anyone you want to expand your projects with. We recommend SFTP for better speeds, encryption and reliability.

Work with Content

Be it experimenting with your favourite programming languages or bringing something live on the web (having options of using our FREE domain or your own domain), we always have your back, and have all the tools necessary for you in an up and running condition. 

SysAdmins, because even developers need heroes ...

Want to work on something on a production environment but don't have enough privileges to do so? Want to get your live production up and running on your needs, but want to stay away from the hassles of automating tasks? Want to create database entries for your project but don't have adequate access to the SQL/MariaDB Server? Well, we got you 100 percent covered! We're the SysAdmins, the heroes for our developers. Any problem? We've already got a fix ready for you!

Community Support

Working on Linux-based environment has a very big advantage of being open-source. You can literally play with the codes, develop for it and do anything you want, all with a robust security and a strong community support. The gigantic community already has almost all fixes and enhancements for the problem you might face while developing amazing things in here! Unfortunately if it doesn't, create an account on that forum for FREE, and post your problem. You'll see the experts solving it in almost no time. That's Linux for you!

Publish your project

Get permission from the Server Admin real fast, and you'll see your web applications/websites up on the internet in no time. We'll configure security (HTTPS, HSTS and other encryption standards) on your side, so that you could focus more on development and less on reliability. You can get an industry-standard SSL from our own Certificate Authority (CA) or buy your own SSL from third-party providers. We could do it for you too!*

*SSL beyond 90 days validity and third party SSL Service may be subject to charges. Please contact the Webmaster to know more. Buy SSL at low prices on TechnoVanti CA Website

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