How do hackers hack your social media accounts?

Have you ever thought how a user’s social account gets hacked? There might be someone in your school or college who would be famous after he/she took down a bully’s social account. Sounds familiar huh?
You might be wondering how such people take down accounts of such big companies. So hold on friend, and read the post till the end because we have many things to clarify and many myths to bust!

So, heading back to the question arising from the previous situation. How can a school student hack a social media account of another student? Are the social media accounts that vulnerable? The simple and the easiest answer is: maybe. Any sort of online account can be hacked on either of the two sides: The client side (Which is commonly used by these students and is quite easy) and the server side (Which is actually a difficult task and this is usually done by a large group of hackers who are quite experienced in what they are doing).

The Client Side Attacks

These are the type of attacks which are commonly done and usually targeted to a single entity or a small group. In such attacks, the user intervention plays an important part in hacking. The most usual form of a client-side attack is phishing.

During a phishing attack, a user is tricked to enter his login credentials in a fake page that disguises as a real login page requesting credentials. When the user enters the login information into that fake page, the credentials are relayed through the network (in usual cases, the internet) to the hacker, which can be often misused in numerous forms (like spreading explicit content over the web disguising as the victim). Such attacks are often carried out in ready-to-execute scripts which is often executed by the people who lack the experience to write their own. Such people are termed as Script Kiddies. Many open source scripts are available that offer such scripts. One of the most used pen-test tool today is Kali Linux Operating System, which is based on linux and used by many of those script kiddies to execute such tasks.

So, practically, those people can’t be termed as hackers because they lack the ability to break into something on their own, due to lack of conceptual understanding. The above type of hacking is completely dependent on the user’s response so, if the user has taken the appropriate preventive measures to safeguard his/her security, he/she might never get hacks. (Tips for maintaining online privacy are mentioned on the previous post. You can refer to the same, by clicking here)

Myth busted: The “hacker” buddies you know don’t hack those social media companies. Instead, they trick the users to give their own credentials at their will!

The Server Side Attacks

Now this is some serious sort of hacking! This is usually taken out by true experts  or expert hackers who are highly skilled in the concepts of Data Security and Data Analysis. In these type of attacks, the entire server is compromised and the hackers gain control of some sensitive information of the same, which can actually affect millions of users at once. Many a times, each of the user associated with that (as a social media account holder) is affected by the attack. Such hackers often ask for a large amount of money from the company, through untraceable routes (like BitCoin) to set the server free.

The question arises: How do such attacks happen even after a large number of security measures undertaken by the social media companies? The simple answer to that is: through a small vulnerability!

Vulnerabilities are a sort of loopholes, which arise while the software inside the server is coded. Imagine a high-security jail in which guards are up to their position 24×7 but their is a pathway that can lead a prisoner set free. In the same case, the jail is the server and the pathway is the vulnerability. Hackers exploit these vulnerabilities to take down a very large and a heavily-protected server. NOTE: Every computer software or a website has some or the other vulnerability. No such computer or a software or a website exists which is 100% foolproof (due to the reason that fixing very minor vulnerabilities may take a huge time and a very large cost, still some of them may exist).

In order to find vulnerability or loopholes in such systems, one needs to be an expert in Cryptography and the above mentioned tasks to carry-on and plot an execution or an attack. This is much less common in today’s time but still is the most destructive form of hacking one can ever imagine!

So guys, that’s it for today! Hope you liked the post. If you do, please share it to others and comment down below if you got to know something new!

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