TechnoVanti Chain of Trust

We have been working hard to establish trust among thousands of our visitors as well as our developers. We aim to create an ecosystem where you can believe in us, and thus, we established our own PKI hierarchy system. This page is intended to distribute our Root CA Certificate (and related security files) to your computer and installing it on your operating system among trusted root certificates (those who do not know how to do this, don’t worry… we’ll explain how to do this and it’s COMPLETELY SAFE to do so).


  • TechnoVanti G4 Root Certificate Authority (download) [necessary]
  • TechnoVanti G4 External CA (download) [recommended for most applications]
  • TechnoVanti Certificate Revocation List (download) [not necessary if you are new into PKI, but if you are a daily visitor or a developer, google how to install CRL on your Windows computer, as macOS (and probably Linux too) don’t have an option to import a CRL]
  • TechnoVanti Organisation Validation CA Chain (download) [not necessary, good for applications and IoT projects, but installing the ROOT CA is necessary]
  • TechnoVanti Domain Validation CA Chain (download) [not necessary, good for local website deployments and local web projects]



  • How to install the Root CA as trusted Root Certificate in (Windows)|(macOS)|(Android)|(iOS)|(iPadOS).
  • How to install CRL file on Windows (Click here)

After the Root certificate is installed, you will get a secured connection to all our server domains and subdomains, trusted by your own computer. Moreover, all end entity certificates that are indirectly signed by the Root (which would be trusted by your computer), would also be trusted. This would prevent any trust issues on your computer while accessing any of our servers from your computer, while maintaining the best cipher suites and TLS protocols the encrypt connections and file transfers.

We hope you found the above guides to installing the Root CA Certificate useful. If you find any difficulty doing so, please feel free to contact us. Contact information is provided on the Contact Us page.